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X-CEL is a non toxic, non hazardous electrical and mechanical equipment, tool and parts cleaner that is nonflammable, evaporates fast, and leaves no residue. It very quickly removes the most difficult industrial contaminants including carbon, grease, oil, asphalt, tar, adhesives, etc. from all equipment surfaces including aluminum, nickel, steel, stainless steel, porcelain and glass.

X-CEL is the perfect safety solvent for use in spray on applications. It emulsifies and flushes away contaminants from surfaces, cracks and crevices and leaves parts completely dry and residue free.

X-CEL is the electrical equipment cleaner of choice and should be used to clean motors, pumps, compressors, switchgears, cables, bearings, chains, machine parts, power tools, etc. It can be used to clean windings, rotors, stators and wiring on motors without harming insulating varnishes. X-CEL can also be used as a brush on or wipe on cleaner. If considering using the product for immersion cleaning applications, do not leave the parts soaking in X-CEL for a period of time longer than required for cleaning.
X-CEL aerosol is very popular and widely used at industrial operations to safely, quickly, effectivel, and thoroughly clean equipment and parts wherever a nonflammable, fast evaporating safety solvent is required.

X-CEL is available in:
Aerosol Can (12 cans per case)  •  5 gallon can  •  55 gallon drum

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