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ELECTRONIC SOLV is a non toxic, non hazardous electrical, electronic and instrumentation equipment cleaner. It is nonflammable, evaporates fast, and leaves no residue.

ELECTRONIC SOLV removes oil, grease, fly ash, coal dust, and other industrial contaminants, as well as moisture and condensation from circuit boards, relays, switches, tuners, precision instruments, oxygen equipment, meters, gauges, etc.

ELECTRONIC SOLV is safe for most plastic component parts and elastomers including:
Neoprene, nylon, aceal, teflon, viton, polyethylene sulfide (PPS) polypropylene, polysulfonate, polyethylene (HDPE), and others.

The chemical composition of plastics differs and changes regularly as newer forms and types of plastics are being created.

If unsure about the effect of ELECTRONIC SOLV on a new type or specialized plastic, please spot check before using.
Electronic Solv
ELECTRONIC SOLV is available in:
Aerosol Can (12 cans per case)  •  1 gallon can  •  5 gallon can  •  55 gallon drum
EPA 2000®  •  EPA 2000 Nonflammable  •  X-CEL  •  X-CEL-IC  •  ELECTRONIC SOLV  •  RAPID CLEAN


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