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EPA 2000® (Blend# WCI-140)
Western Chemical
EPA 2000 (Blend# WCI-140)

EPA 2000 is a very versatile, non water soluble mechanical and electrical equipment, tool, and parts cleaner. It is intended to be used without dilution and will not mix with water.  EPA 2000 displaces moisture, will not freeze, and protects equipment from rust and corrosion. It is perfect for use in the shop’s parts washer as an immersion cleaner and in the field for all equipment cleaning applications. Tools and parts can also be cleaned using EPA 2000 as a spray on, wipe on, or brush on cleaner.

EPA 2000 has a slower, controlled rate of evaporation and a flash point of 143°F. It safely and effectively removes oil, grease, open gear lubricants (OGL’s), carbon, adhesives, asphalt, tar, coal dust, fly ash, etc.

EPA 2000 is formulated to meet RCRA regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency for industrial waste minimization programs and contains no ingredients listed as hazardous materials. It has a value of 17,000 BTU/lb and under normal use non contaminated waste of EPA 2000 can be mixed with industrial waste oils and shipped from the site as non hazardous waste.

Since switching to EPA 2000, a great many facilities once classified as a “Large Quantity Generator” of hazardous waste have been reclassified as a “Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator.”
Both options are available in: 345 gallon tote bins  •  55 gallon drums  •  5 gallon cans
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