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EPA 2000® Nonflammable (Blend# WCI-208)
Western Chemical
WCIEPA 2000 Nonflammable (Blend# WCI-208).
EPA 2000 Nonflammable contains the same non hazardous ingredients as EPA 2000. The percentages of those ingredients are adjusted so that this blended safety solvent has a flash point of 208 °F.

EPA 2000 Nonflammable is used for the same applications as EPA 2000 in those facilities requiring a nonflammable cleaning product.  Both products will remove the most difficult contaminants with virtually identical results and are formulated for industrial waste minimization programs.
EPA 2000 (Blend# WCI-140) and EPA 2000 Nonflammable (Blend# WCI-208) are products manufactured by Western Chemical International, Inc. at our blending facility located in Phoenix, AZ.

Both options are available in:
345 gallon tote bins  •  55 gallon drums  •  5 gallon cans
EPA 2000®  •  EPA 2000 Nonflammable  •  X-CEL  •  X-CEL-IC  •  ELECTRONIC SOLV  •  RAPID CLEAN


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