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Mine Equipment Mining Operations
X-CEL aerosol isused extensively at open pit mining operations (coal, gold, copper, molybdenum, platinum) throughout the United States and Canada. The product can be conveniently taken anywhere within the mine site and is the preventative maintenance cleaning product of choice for all electrical and mechanical equipment positioned throughout the property.
EPA 2000® is usually sold to the mine in 55 gallon drums or 345 gallon stainless steel tote bins and used both in the shop and in the field. It is a very effective open gear lubricant (OGL) remover and is the leading dragline and excavation equipment cleaner in North America. EPA 2000 is used to clean all switchgear, swing pinion assemblies, hoists, center pin assemblies, bull pinion and rack gears, and is also effective for removing oil.

EPA 2000 will not freeze or “ball up” and is perfect for cleaning equipment at mine sites where the freeze/thaw cycle is of particular concern.

Mining operations currently using X-CEL and EPA 2000® include:

ALCOA ARCH Coal ASARCO BHP Billiton Cordero Rojo
Colowyo Falkirk Mining Eagle Butte Mine Freeport  Mcmoran Monterey Coal
Peabody Coal Phelps Dodge Pittsburg and Midway Coal Rio Tinto Powder River Coal
Rawhide Mine San Juan Coal Seneca Coal Stillwater Mining Spring Creek Coal
Syncrude Canada Texas Utilities Mining Thompson Creek Coal Wyodak Resourses  

NuclearNuclear and Fossil Fuel Electric Generating Stations
X-CEL and EPA 2000 are electrical equipment, tool and parts cleaners
used throughout the United States at electric generating stations.
X-CEL-IC and EPA 2000 are both approved for use at nuclear power plants.
Either product, depending on the rate of evaporation desired, is an excellent choice for electrical equipment cleaning applications.
EPA 2000 and X-CEL-IC are safe for cleaning windings, rotors, stators, etc.,
and compatible with all insulating materials and varnishing systems.
Both products are the only cleaners that have been tested by Von Roll Isola and proven to be safe for their varnishing systems #74033 and #9637.
The nuclear division of GENERAL ELECTRIC has decided to list both products
in the BWR Operator’s Manual (scheduled for print in May 2008) as recommended materials for cleaning motors at all GE BWR nuclear power plants.
Electrical Utilities currently using WCI safety solvents include:

Arizona Public Service Salt River Project Pacificorp PG&E American Electric Power
TVA Pennsylvania Power & Light Texas Utilities Indianapolis Power Nebraska Public Power
Entergy Nuclear Amergen Luminant Exelon PSEG
Public Service Co of New Mexico Intermountain Power    

In addition to surface mining operations and power plants, WCI safety solvents are used by a great many
other well established companies in the United States and Canada including:

ALCOA Metropolitan Water District Jacobson Manufacturing International Paper Unison Industries
Northern Natural Gas ARCO Ford Motor Co Boeing General Motors
General Motors Weyerhaeuser Bucyrus General Dynamics Lear Corp



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